Developr documentation



Welcome to the Developr Admin Skin template documentation, which will guide you into setting it up, using it and customizing it. Would you have any question, feature request or bug report, please use the Support Forum or got to my profile page and send me a message. Thanks again for your purchase! ;)



Use the menu on the side to browse the documentation content. Here is a quick summary of how it is organized:

Quick start guide

This section will give you the main guidelines, and define what files are required for the features you want to use.

Template basics

Here you will learn how to use the template markup and the most common styles, such as typography and navigation menus. Use this to build your first pages from scratch.

Features reference

Each feature of the template is detailled here, with a complete reference of CSS classes and javascript plugins. Take some time to read the Plugins basics section, it will give you some hints on the best way to use those features.


This section is a reference of advanced features from the template, and a quick guide to speed optimization.