Title: Welcome To Smarty!
	The current date and time is 2020-09-25 20:31:11
	The value of global assigned variable $SCRIPT_NAME is /smarty/index.php
	Example of accessing server environment variable SERVER_NAME: cms.server-galaxy.de
	The value of {$Name} is Fred Irving Johnathan Bradley Peppergill
	variable modifier example of {$Name|upper}
	An example of a section loop:
			1 * John Doe
				2 * Mary Smith
				3 . James Johnson
				4 . Henry Case
	An example of section looped key values:
		phone: 1
fax: 2
cell: 3
phone: 555-4444
fax: 555-3333
cell: 760-1234

testing strip tags

This is a test
This is an example of the html_select_date function:
This is an example of the html_select_time function:
This is an example of the html_options function: